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pulsepolitik - Live Outside the Narrative

Hi, I’m Marissa.

I’m a former paramedic who spent several years working the streets in a high-volume, urban system. My experience working as a government employee and elected labor representative opened my eyes to problems on a whole other level of complexity. My passion for outplaying the reaper transformed into an insatiable desire to dig up data that exposes fraud, malfeasance, corruption and abuses of power.

I returned to school to study political science, international security, and data science. I just graduated from UW-Seattle and am currently exploring options in how to best put this knowledge to work.

Academic Work

I came up with the name ‘pulsepolitik‘ to symbolize the similarity in finding solutions in medical emergencies and politics. As a paramedic, I was trained to make split-second decisions in high-stress situations that could determine whether someone lives or dies. There often wasn’t time to explain or consider alternate realities. You collected the available facts and evidence and take the most logical and practical route in making decisions.

In emergency medicine, there is no place for clinging to deeply held beliefs or taking time to ponder feelings. You do what has been determined to work by prior observations of its consequences.

The best medics and physicians in the industry use this pragmatic approach to solve complex problems because it saves lives and saves you from occupational burnout. This uniquely American philosophy is also what makes our country work politically. The Constitution is a good example of political pragmatism in action.

My experience attending an ultra-liberal university has only solidified my belief in pragmatism. Today we are seeing the consequences of a generation indoctrinated by schools like UW who instill post-truth deconstruction and Marxist ideals in students. I believe we need individuals in politics willing to push back against the dangerous agenda of radical progressivism and that it starts with gathering and presenting evidence based facts (data).

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