Socialist Alternative Pushes Sawant to Remarkable Victory

When the polls closed Tuesday with Egan Orion leading Kshama Sawant by 8.4 points, most taxpayers and property owners in Seattle let out a collective sigh of relief. Finally…voters had reached their tipping point and had enough of the out of control drug epidemic, the crime and the filth. But that relief was short lived, as the most radical leader elected to office since World War II made an impossible comeback Friday night and overcamea 12 percentage-point deficit to win another four years in power. On Saturday morning Sawant declared victory to a gathering of her followers and thanked her Socialist Alternative handlers for making it happen. “It is the power of socialist ideas, Marxist ideas, the power of our analysis, strategies, our understanding of class struggle, the historical memory and lessons we bring of the past victories and defeats of our class, the working class,” she said. She also wasted no time firing back at Amazon, calling for a new head tax on the company.

For what it’s worth, Sawant going after Amazon isn’t all bad. Amazon isn’t necessarily a company worth siding with. They’ve probably destroyed more small businesses in this country than any other company and there are 100 reasons why they haven’t made Seattle a better place to live. But for those pundits who are already declaring this race a “local democracy David vs. Goliath” victory, do your homework. Kshama Sawant is a mouthpiece for a socialist movement with international ambitions. A 53% MAJORITY of her contributions come from OUTSIDE Seattle. For comparison, 90% of her opponent Egan Orion’s funding was from Seattle donors. 60% of those from within their district. What does that tell you, when the support from Sawant’s own district only amounted to around 25% of her take? This is just one of many reasons her of all people have no credibility in criticizing Amazon’s $1 million donation into CASE.

Perhaps the scariest thing about another four years with a radical Marxist at the helm, are that disillusioned people across this country are buying into propaganda that is sure to lead us into economic collapse and tyranny. A recent poll even found that 70% of Millennials are likely to vote socialist. Kshama Sawant has not made Seattle a better place to live. She’s arguably helped make it quite worse. She’s a brazen anti-capitalist, who during her past two terms in office repeatedly attempted to spark proletariat uprisings to overtake companies such as Boeing, Comcast, Centurylink, Microsoft, and most recently, Amazon. Her legacy $15 minimum wage policy has driven hundreds of small shops and restaurants out of business. Sawant’s virulent anti-police position has helped give rise to the widespread crime on the streets and open drug use in public spaces. Her constant expansion of taxpayer-funded encampments and attempts to stop city workers from cleaning up the piles of homeless filth and RVs that line our streets and sidewalks is growing the vagrant population at an uncontrollable rate. 

The next big push we can expect from Sawant and her cult-like Socialist Alternative devotees will likely be for rent control. For months she has been ramping up a campaign and bringing it into nearly every policy discussion in council – strange for someone who once taught college economics. Sawant is undoubtedly aware that rent control laws have been consistently rejected by economists dating back to 1946 when Milton Friedman explained why it doesn’t work. But this is what Socialist Alternative demands, and Kshama Sawant is directed to make happen. Her agenda is not to fight for what is best for the citizens of Seattle…it’s to grow socialism by giving it a nationwide platform. So when you hear about outside interests controlling this election, look no further than the one screaming it the loudest.

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