The Battle for Seattle Budget Funding

Seattle City Council budget committee chair Sally Bagshaw has unveiled the council’s changes to Mayor Durkan’s proposed budget and it appears we can expect more of the drug-fueled crime epidemic that’s destroying the city. The council is literally doubling down on the anti-police decriminalization experiment that’s responsible for the hundreds of catch-and-release junkie  criminals roaming our streets. Bagshaw’s package includes giving $3.5 million to Lisa Daugaard’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, more than doubling what she received last year. Lisa also managed to tack on a resolution that

“acknowledges the inherent responsibility of the City to reduce unnecessary justice system involvement” while declaring that the City is “committed to ensuring that evidence-based, law enforcement-engaged, pre-booking diversion programs, such as LEAD, receive the public and private funding necessary to accept all priority qualifying referrals.”

The resolution also states the city’s intent that by 2023, LEAD will receive enough public funding to to “accept all priority qualifying arrest and social contact referrals citywide.” This highlights the intent of her agenda, which is to irreversibly reform our criminal justice system by continuing to deconstruct the laws that keep neighborhoods livable and making those who enforce them obsolete.

In addition to this massive funding increase, the council is cutting even more funding from our already depleted and incapacitated police department – $70,000 from recruit training, $75,000 from staffing for recruitment and retention and $240,000 from sergeant training. These savings will be going to fund things like:

  • $75,000 to provide free tampons and diapers to the homeless
  • $1,284,000 to develop mobile bathroom facilities for the homeless
  • $244,000 to provide showers facilities and Comfort Station Renovations for the homeless
  • $140,000 for another harm-reduction program for street-based sex workers and drug users
  • $1,200,000 to expand number of tiny home villages and allow for an additional 30 encampments for the homeless

In summary, this next year we will see more crime, more addicts, more vagrants, and more filth as our out of touch council lines the pockets of the growing homeless industrial complex who have nothing but failure to show for the billions in tax dollars they’ve already received.

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